How audio stories can be a boon for parents

Picking the best for their child is what every parent aspires to do. The constant stress of what would be best for them. What would bring an all-around holistic development? Be it contemplating the nutrition in food, picking the best classes, or chalking out things for recreation, things that will keep their child engaged, help them grow, and all this while entertaining them, parents tend to think of the best option possible. 

A medium that until now remains unexplored by parents is the audio media. Most people do not know or are new to the perks of introducing their kids to an audio platform.

The perils of the screen are not new to anybody. We all know how staring at the screen for long periods can be harmful to the eyes, it also causes sleeping disorders, irritation, and mental health issues. Here, an audio platform can be a refreshing change, a medium that will not necessarily be a huge change but a gradual transition to a better option. 

Talking about screens, we often point out the obvious disadvantages as mentioned above but don’t you think visual mediums also limit the imagination? Think of it this way, when you read a story without illustrations or hear a story, most of the things are picturized by you in your head. If one reads or hears there was once a beautiful garden, one might think of a garden with bushes of roses and a fountain while somebody else might think of a garden with apple trees and a tiny pond! What we are trying to say is, audio stories give wings to the imagination. Whereas, while watching a video the child consumes whatever is served to them. They are just a passive recipient of the story where there is little or no scope for imagination. 

These audio tales or podcasts also aid in the development of listening skills, something which is crucial for the all-around development of the child at an early age and is beneficial for their upcoming years. While listening to audio stories the child patiently and intently waits for the story to unfold, they attentively listen to each word that is being said to understand the story. This builds patience and increases the level of concentration in the child.

People often say how watching a video or scrolling through phones during bedtime hours disrupts their sleep. Whereas audio stories come in handy as bedtime tales, it is almost similar to the tradition of reading out stories to the kid until they doze off.

The internet is jam-packed with all sorts of content, and while we do not encourage you to strictly monitor what your child is watching, a carefully curated platform that is exclusively made for kids is a great option to look out for. Meticulously crafted for children, StoryTokri gives you all sorts of podcasts, from least explored folktales to historical, scientific, and informative stories in a fun and frolic way. Tunein your kid to this fun wonderland and let us do the magic!