'NavDurga' is a captivating podcast series that delves deep into the mystical world of Navdurga and her nine divine forms. What could be more delightful than StoryTokri bringing the magic of mythology to children?! Join us as we embark on a spiritual journey to explore the legends, symbolism, and significance of each avatar of the Goddess. Navdurga, a manifestation of Goddess Durga, represents the feminine energy and embodies various aspects of strength, compassion, and wisdom. Her nine forms, from Shailaputri to Siddhidatri, each have a unique story to tell and a distinct power to bestow upon her devotees. Each episode is designed to ignite your imagination and help you understand the spiritual significance of Navdurga. So, kids, get ready to be inspired, enlightened, and entertained. Whether you're a young devotee or just curious about Hindu mythology, "Navdurga" is here to make learning a divine and delightful experience. Subscribe now @

NavdurgaOctober 23, 2023
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Maa Siddhidatri - Navratri Day 9

In this episode, we're unveiling the divine form of Maa Siddhidaatri, the ninth and final avatar of Navdurga. Uncover the legendary story behind this divine form and how her blessings brought prosper...

NavdurgaOctober 22, 2023
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Maa Mahagauri - Navratri Day 8

Explore the story of Maa Mahagauri, how she was born as Parvati, and her incredible journey to become the radiant goddess we know today. She's known for her radiant beauty and purity. Maa Mahagauri t...

NavdurgaOctober 21, 2023
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Maa Kaalratri - Navratri Day 7

In this episode, we're stepping into the awe-inspiring world of Maa Kaalratri, the fierce and fearless form of Goddess Durga. Get to know Maa Kaalratri, who is often depicted with a dark complexion a...

NavdurgaOctober 20, 2023
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Maa Katyayni - Navratri Day 6

Discover the radiant and fierce Maa Katyayni, who is known for her bravery, courage, and valor. She is often depicted riding a majestic lion, ready to protect her devotees. Unearth the legendary tale...

NavdurgaOctober 19, 2023
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Maa Skandmata - Navratri Day 5

Get ready to discover Maa Skandmata, a divine form of Maa Durga who is also known as the Mother of Skanda, the God of War. Learn about her gentle and nurturing nature, always holding her young son, K...

NavdurgaOctober 18, 2023
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Maa Kushmanda - Navratri Day 4

Today, we're going to meet Maa Kushmanda, one of the dazzling forms of Goddess Durga. She's not just any goddess; she's the one who brings light and life to the universe with her radiant smile and co...

NavdurgaOctober 17, 2023
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Maa Chandraghanta - Navratri Day 3

In this enchanting episode, we are going to uncover the fascinating story of Maa Chandraghanta, one of the powerful forms of Goddess Durga. She is often depicted with a crescent moon on her forehead,...

NavdurgaOctober 16, 2023
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Maa Brahmacharini - Navratri Day 2

Meet Maa Brahmacharini, the second form of Maa Durga, symbolizing devotion, dedication, and truth. She is often depicted as a goddess in white, carrying a rosary and a water pot. Dive into the story ...

NavdurgaOctober 15, 2023
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Maa Shailputri - Navratri Day 1

Discover the enchanting story of Maa Shailputri, who is also known as Parvati, the daughter of King Daksha and the reincarnation of Sati. Learn why she's called "Shailputri," which means "Daughter of...