Folktales by StoryTokri

Folktales by StoryTokri

Folktales by StoryTokri - An all-time collection of favorite Indian folk tales. StoryTokri means a basket of stories and this basket is meant for children of all ages and also those grown-ups who wish to re-live their childhood. Here, Sneha, the storyteller, picks up a classic folktale from the Indian culture and narrates it in a super friendly style for all the listeners. These stories can be used as bedtime stories for kids or just during any part of the day to keep them entertained. Let's bring alive the culture of storytelling and let our children embrace their childhood for a little longer. Music - Connect with Sneha:

The Coconut Sweet

The coconut sweet

Kahani Kadubu ki

A folktale from South India about a sweet named Kadubu

The Crocodile‘s Dinner

Crocodile and his wife are eager to quench their hunger by cooking monkey pie in dinner. But will it be so easy to catch a smart monkey who is even more eager to have mangoes in breakfast? Listen to f...

Moorkhon ka Rajya

Kingdom of fools is an interesting and humourous story of a King who was too proud of his intelligence. He believed the same for his subjects. The story is about how three boys teach a lesson to the K...

The Golden Swan

Greed Never Pays - The story of Golden Swan from Jataka Tales, gives an apt message. It's a story about a Brahmin who is reborn as a swan with gold wings. He decides to help his family to lead a good ...

Aur Phir?

The famous Akbar-Birbal's "the never-ending story" recreated.

Laali aur Naani

Red Riding Hood is a classic that every child reads and listens to, but have you ever wondered how it will be in Hyderabadi!!! Well, let's find out.


Kabuliwala is a legendary short story by Rabindranath Tagore, originally written in Bengali. StoryTokri presents Kabuliwala in a new light, narrated by Sneha.

The Prince and the Toymaker

A short story about sharing.