Gonu Jha

Gonu Jha

Gonu Jha, a sharp-witted courtier in the court of King Hari Singh of Mithila in the 13th century, was well known for his ingenious replies. Popularly called the Birbal of Bihar, he hailed from Bhamora village in Darbangha district. His simplicity and fondness for his dear cow Dhanno will leave you in awe.
Gonu JhaDecember 10, 2022
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Gonu Jha aur swarg se bulawa

Kallu, the royal barber, hatches a plan to get rid of Gonu Jha, and brings Fadfad baba to the court. Baba tells Maharaj that Bade Maharaj has summoned Gonu to swarg and hence Gonu is sent to swarg!! ...

Gonu JhaNovember 19, 2022
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3. Gonu Jha aur akaash mein mahal

Mithila's King presents a challenge to his courtiers in which anyone who accepts it has to fulfill King's wish or leave the country for an year. No one but Gonu Jha accepts the challenge of building ...

Gonu JhaNovember 10, 2022
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2. Gonu Jha aur Kashi ke Vidvaan

The King of Mithila has a visitor in his court - a scholar from Kashi. But he's no common guest, he challenges the King to arrange for a debate as he's looking for a scholar brighter and brainy than ...

Gonu JhaNovember 10, 2022
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1. Gonu Jha aur Meetha Bhoj

Gonu Jha, the simpleton of Bhamora village in Mithila, is too fond of his cow Dhanno. When Dhanno gives birth to an adorable calf, Gonu Jha gets too elated. But Raju, Gonu's friend, who is jealous of...