Lost Animals

Lost Animals

Extinction is nature's rule. Over the years, we have lost many animal species to extinction. Few of them are known to us only through books as we never got the chance to see them in real. Many were wiped off the earth by humans, and the abuse continues still. Listen to the immersive stories of animals who got extinct due to human insensitivity and climate change. For a wholesome experience and more stories, visit storytokri.com Follow us https://www.instagram.com/storytokri https://www.facebook.com/StoryTokri/
Lost AnimalsDecember 27, 2022
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Passenger Pigeon

Martha, the last passenger pigeon, narrates the story of the life and then the extinction her species at the hands of humans.

Lost AnimalsNovember 19, 2022
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Saber Tooth Tiger

Get ready to join Mushy the polar bear, on an informative voyage to a period when Saber tooth tigers existed and roamed the woodlands like a King. This member of the smilodon family was ferocious and...

Lost AnimalsNovember 11, 202209:428.88 MB


Dodo, the extinct flightless bird, was endemic to Mauritius island. The island was inhabited by mostly by birds, one of which was Dodo who had lost its ability to fly owing to safe and threatless isl...

Lost AnimalsNovember 11, 202210:409.77 MB

Woolly Mammoth

The giant mammoths lived in the Tundra Steppe or Mammoth steppe which is spread across Northern parts of Europe and Asia, and North America, from about 3 million years ago up until 10,000 years ago. ...