The Enchanting Tales of Origin

The Enchanting Tales of Origin

Children, by default, have this curiosity to know where they come from? They have unrelenting questions about the cosmos, the early humans, animal behaviors, history of everything. All these questions can be addressed in the most real story ever told, the Origin Stories. The story began with the big bang and moved 14 billion years into the future. The Enchanting Tales of Origin is one such attempt to introduce the idea of the origin of everything through a mystery tale, involving a boy Yug who moves to the jungles of Mayaban and gets hold of a magical book that takes him deep into the world of knowledge. Written and presented by Sneha, this podcast is an irresistible concoction of entertainment and education. Connect with Sneha:

A Star Has Been Born

The book explains how stars, the Universe's original chemical factories, are formed from matter and gravity. Yug also comes to know about the life journey of stars in this fascinating episode. 

Everything Has To Be Just Right

As the book explained to young Yug the importance of balance, it uses a very interesting analogy of the Goldilocks story and how everything has to be just right to continue to exist. Then Yug was tol...

The Proof is Here!!

Yug could not find the proof he was looking for, and he's anxious to know what it is. In search of that proof, he finds himself on a terrace in an unknown place. Will he find what he's looking for?

Matter Has Been Cooked

Having witnessed the moment of creation, the book gives a glimpse into the first three minutes of the newly born universe and then takes him 3,80,000 years ahead to see the first light of the univers...

How It All Started

Yug, a ten-year-old, has moved to the mysterious jungles of Mayaban with his parents, but he has no idea yet why people call it mysterious. He is lonely and sad, trying to beat time sitting all alone ...