Durga, the Divine Mother (Navdurga Special Release)
StoryTokri - OriginalsOctober 14, 2023
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Durga, the Divine Mother (Navdurga Special Release)

In this episode, we're diving into the enchanting world of Maa Durga, the mighty Goddess of strength, courage, and protection. Learn the story of how Maa Durga came into existence. She was created by the combined energies of various gods to defeat a powerful demon, Mahishasur. Discover the valuable lessons we can learn from Maa Durga, like the importance of courage, standing up for what's right, and protecting the innocent.

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Disclaimer : Dear listeners, we want to remind you that the stories and myths shared in this podcast are a part of diverse cultural traditions and belief systems. While we strive to provide accurate information and share these tales with respect and cultural sensitivity, it's essential to understand that myths can be open to interpretation. Our goal is to offer educational and entertaining content, but it's important to remember that these stories are the product of their time and context. We encourage you to explore these myths further, read different versions, and engage in conversations with others to gain a deeper understanding. Keep an open mind and respect the various perspectives and interpretations that exist.